Parent Testimonials

"Our family first came to Eagle Pointe about 5 years ago and it didn't take long to realize that this was a special place!  As a teacher myself, I wanted to know that my child would be loved and cared for by her teachers on a daily basis.  They exceeded my expectations, and continued to do so as our family grew and more of our children were enrolled.  From the infant room to the Georgia Pre-K program, the teachers and staff have always provided a high level of education and exciting things to share when I pick them up in the afternoons!  We've also always had very positive interactions with the directors and have found them to be very accommodating when we needed something.  Because of the strong leadership and high expectations from the directors, I have complete trust that my children are in great hands when they are at school.  I highly recommend Eagle Pointe to anyone looking for childcare or a Pre-K program.  This school has been a blessing to our family, and I am so thankful for the love they have poured into our children over the years!  If you are looking for a place that provides a family-like environment to educate and nurture your children, this is the place!"

- Rachel L., Mother of 4 children

"Where should I begin? Eagle Pointe staff are by far the most elite, well prepared, professional, organized, loving, educated and professional team you will find. They run a right ship and it sails so smoothly every day. My son and daughter have been at Eagle Pointe for now for almost 2 years. Prior to Eagle Pointe I tried a few other named “elite” daycares in our area and they don’t even come close to what Eagle Pointe offers. I never have to worry that our children are well loved, educated and taken care of every day. The attention to detail is phenomenal, their communication is impeccable. Our kids are safe, healthy and happy every day and have awesome experiences and stories to tell, they are advancing so quickly, and they adore their teachers. Look no further if you are searching for the perfect place for your little one. Please message me if you have any questions and I will be happy to share more information with you. We are so happy we have finally found our forever daycare and forever family and friends at Eagle Pointe!"

- Candace L., Mother to a Young Toddler

and a Ga Pre-K Student

"Selecting a childcare facility is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. I considered countless options before finally choosing Eagle Pointe Preschool as our family’s childcare provider. My children have been happy there from the start and quite literally cheer most every morning as we enter the parking lot. They are always excited to see their teachers and friends and are eager to begin the day’s fun-filled activities. My husband and I are abundantly thankful for the staff members at Eagle Pointe who go above and beyond to love and care for our precious little ones while we do the same for others’ children as Cobb County educators."

- Erin B., Mom to a four-year-old and a six-year-old