Family Ministries

Currently, our Children’s and Youth Ministries are integrated with every ministry - making the environment at EPC a family-oriented setting. This allows the family (young and old) to grow together in their faith…a principle we see grounded in scripture.

We are blessed to provide weekday preschool classes in our building through Eagle Pointe Preschool.  Required COVID-19 sanitary guidelines were implemented in 2020 to maintain the functionality of the Preschool side of our building during the week (which also necessitated the closure of these rooms for Sunday School on the weekends).

As a church, we had to assess a proper solution for our families who desired to gather in person on Sundays. That solution was simply to invite children and youth to join their parents in corporate worship.  We had hoped that we would be able to utilize the classrooms for Sunday School within weeks.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  So, for the past several years we have functioned with the blessing of having children join their parents to sing alongside them in worship, pray alongside them in worship, and learn the Word alongside them in worship.  In that time, we have seen great things from our children and youth.

For toddlers and babies, we do offer childcare in a separate classroom so parents can worship and the children can receive age appropriate teaching.

For younger children (ages 4 - 5th grade), we’re making intentional efforts to address them at the end of every message to help them further understand the teaching while simultaneously encouraging parents to discuss the teaching with them during the week. 

For those in grades 6-12 (youth), we address them in our corporate worship as we would the adults. Even though we understand our youth are still growing in their knowledge of God, we believe more than ever that a greater impact can be made by inviting them to learn and grow with their parents (or parental figure) within a community of faith.  We also have weekly Bible study just for our students so they can enjoy the fellowship of believers their age and grow together.

In this community, we are intentional in acknowledging our children and youth, affirming their identity in Christ, and providing activities where they can meet and grow in relationships with others in their age range (while also building relationships with other adults and parental figures). The result of this process: they are not limited to one or two adults as a teacher or mentor they meet one day out of the week, but are potentially getting protection and guidance from a community of mentors who are looking out for their best interests during any given activity or churchwide event. 

For the family within a community of faith, we provide the following activities:

Corporate worship, weekly Bible study groups, cookouts, in-home gatherings and dinners, game events, outings, Vacation Bible School (VBS), and camps.

At Eagle Pointe Church, the current direction of our Children’s and Youth Ministries came about through the limitations brought on by COVID-19 regulations posted by the State of Georgia and general concerns by families. However, these limitations forced a position for this church body that we now see as limitless. We believe God has shown us something tangible, praiseworthy, and in time, better than what we’ve grown accustomed to as the cultural norms for churches.

As we prayerfully continue in this direction, we believe the results may gain larger impact in spiritual growth for our children and our adults. We invite your family to see about it, to take part in it, and hopefully, take great joy in a refreshing perspective.

Click here to watch a teaching that gives more information about our Family Ministry approach.

For more info contact Tim Roman.