Georgia Pre-K

bright from the start

Registration for the 2024-2025 Georgia Pre-K school year for children currently enrolled at Eagle Pointe opens on the first Tuesday in February 2024 (February 6th).

Registration for students new to Eagle Pointe will open on the second Tuesday in February 2024 (February 13th).  Our center opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM.  

Students are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

At time of registration you must provide (first-come, first-served):

1) original birth certificate

2) original social security card

3) proof of residency, utility bill, home lease (not a driver's license) tied to the physical home address

4) completely fill out Georgia Pre-K Registration Form

*Copies will be made of your documents while on site.

Eagle Pointe offers two Georgia Pre-K classes.  Spaces available for 40 students.  

Before and after school programs are available. 


  • Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program for Georgia's four year olds to prepare children for Kindergarten.

  • Children four years of age on September 1st of the current school year who are Georgia residents are eligible to attend Georgia's Pre-K Program during this school year. 

  • Proof that a child is age eligible and a Georgia resident is required to register for Pre-K. Acceptable proof-of-age includes birth certificate, passport, hospital record of live birth, green card, pink card or Federal I-94 card. Acceptable proof-of-residency includes a lease, utility bill (tied to the physical address) or letter from a shelter or employer.

    All children enrolled in Georgia's Pre-K Program must have hearing, vision, dental and nutrition examination certificates (DHR Form 3300) on file within 90 calendar days of program entry. Form 3300 must be signed by a private practitioner or representative of a local Department of Health.

    Immunizations (DHR Form 3231) must be up-to-date or affidavits must be on file within 30 calendar days of program entry. Only health departments and physicians licensed in Georgia can obtain blank immunization certificates (Form 3231). Take your child's personal immunization record to a health department or Georgia physician and they can complete the form and give any required vaccines.