School's Out Summer Camp 2020

Do you have a plan for your children this summer?  At Eagle Pointe we understand the importance of keeping children engaged and active.  That’s why we offer a wide range of activities as part of our Summer Camp Program.  From science to crafts, friendly competitions and games, our staff members work hard so that your children can come home with experiences, stories to share and memories that last. We will work together to raise thoughtful and creative children.


Each week, campers go on field trips to enhance their learning experiences that are both educational and fun.  This being a Summer Olympic year, Eagle Pointe is celebrating  with our theme.......Better Than Gold".   Your child will learn about other countries, through cuisine, culture, language and sports their Olympians will be performing in this summer.  


Your children will continue to grow with friends they know while making new friends to share their summer adventures.  A camp shirt will be provided for each child to wear on field trip days and then to take home at the end of summer. Our School’s Out Camp dates are May 26th – July 31st.  Registration is open and based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Spaces are limited and fill quickly. Full time students will be given priority for field trip slots.  Campers can drop-in on Monday and Friday only.  The registration form, a $25.00 registration fee and a completed credit card form are required to reserve your child’s space. Reserving a space for your child will require a financial obligation.


Contact us at 770.421.1643 or email to register your child.  

Week 1: Sculpture

Field trips include Just Fired, where kids will paint with real ceramic paint, and an in-house clay molding project for our Art Show on July 18th.

Week 2: Performing

Field trips include an in-house experience with Lee Bryan, Emmy-nominated, Atlanta-based puppeteer and a trip to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

Week 3: Architecture

We will have so much fun with field trips to LegoLand and a lunch at the Sundial restaurant in downtown Atlanta.

Week 4: Music

We will have an in-house field trip performance by Geof Johnson, internationally known kids performer, and a session with music teacher, Jennifer Aikey.

Week 5: literature

Kids will enjoy trips to our local library and a bookstore!

Week 6: Painting

Kimberly Young with Young Monets will be here to help children paint their own piece for our Art Show.  Our students will then host our Art Show on July 18th to exhibit their summer masterpieces!

Week 7: film

Campers will enjoy a trip to the movies to watch a family film and another trip for dinner and a movie to see the Lion King!