What To Expect

If you have never been to church, or come from a very traditional church background, you might be surprised by our laid back approach on Sunday mornings. When you come to one of our services we want you to come as you are…the real you. If you like suits and ties that’s fine, but the pastor will most likely be wearing jeans. Some argue that you should dress up for church to give “God your best.” We know that God looks past what you are wearing and sees straight into your heart. He cares more about what is on the inside than how you cover the outside. So come as you are. God loves you and so will we.

At Eagle Pointe, our goal is to be a family who comes together to worship, learn, and grow in our relationship with God. Sorry - no laser light show, fog machines, rock concert, gimmicks, etc. We strive for a more laid-back, relaxed, living room feel of family and friends coming together. We're not here to entertain, but rather to facilitate real, growing, thriving relationships with God and with other people.